Drug Discovery

Automated Incubators & Plate Hotels
& Automated Bio-Libraries
The pharmaceutical industry invests billions in research to find new therapies for an endless number of diseases and improve our quality of life. LiCONiC provides high throughput automated storage solutions that can handle libraries of hundreds of thousands of compounds that may be potential candidates for development as medical treatment.
Drug Discovery
High Throughput Screening or HTS is a technology where researchers can quickly conduct millions of tests – chemical, genetic or pharmacological. A screening facility holds a library of stock plates whose contents are carefully cataloged. COMPOUNDX systems ensure the highest throughput, stable and consistent temperature management, highly dense storage design, and lowest power consumption in the industry.
Different LiCONiC automated storage systems address many applications in drug discovery, from target screening using cell-based assays through to toxicological tests.
Featured applications
    • Small molecule, siRNA and cell-based Compound Management in High Throughput Screening – ComPoundX
    • Robotic transport integration between experimental stations of assay microplates during HTS workflow – LiCotel
    • Clinical Trial Sample Management – BiOLiX
    • Microbiology Methods – LiCotel, StoreX, BiOLiX
    • Cell Therapeutics Storage – BiOLiX (STV)

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