The LiCotel OEM / LPE Line

Automated Plate Hotels for Robotic Integration

LiCotel OEM plate hotels make LiCONiC‘s technology available to customers who have the need for larger number of instruments over longer period of time. OEM versions seamlessly match into specific applications by adopting any given design, color and/or features. OEM Line instruments are manufactured with fixed design and competitive pricing.

For example LPE220 is the OEM version of the legacy LDR 189 MTP capacity plate hotel. Some of its improvements include: increased to 220 MTP capacity, faster access time and much higher flexibility for integration. LPE220 allows placement of the plate on one or more transfer stations. The plate hotel is freed for other activities while a plate is ready to be picked by the surrounding robotics. This feature opens new possibilities for speed optimizations. A housing with integrated user door protects probes and ensures tracking of user access. High quality temperature and humidity probes allow climate monitoring of the compartment.

The LPE220 is perfectly suitable for most integrations. Its compact dimensions and its increased capacity make it ideal for mixed plates applications.
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LiCotel OEM / LPE220
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