The Storex STF Line

Automated Incubators for Robotic Integration

-20°C to 70°C
It is the first on the market incubator for cell culture flasks where they are handled as easy as microplates. The STF incubators use a unique design which complies with extremely frequent access while maintaining stable climate conditions inside the chamber. The flasks are accessed through a small automatically controlled door (gate) which is open during access only, thereby minimizing gas exchange. Like all members of the StoreX series can be equipped with various types of packages, options and a wide selection of useful accessories. For details please refer to Packages, Options and Accessories section of the web page and relevant flyer.

StoreX STF130
The STF line consists of just one incubator type – STF130 which is designed to hold 130 Cell Culture 175 cm3 Straight Neck Flasks. The flasks are stored in cassettes inside the incubation chamber.
StoreX STF130
Main Features
  • A transfer station is located in front of the gate. Full manual access is maintained through a large user door and by removable cassettes (stackers).
  • Entirely remote operation of handling and climate. The handling allows full random access of all plates.
  • STF uses the LiCONiC's shovel based handling system, which transports a flask by loading it on an extended surface (shovel) during transport.
  • STF robotic handling is completely located inside the incubation chamber. The handling consists of a turntable that holds the removable stackers and a transport lift mechanism that transports a single plate between any stacker location and the external transfer station.
  • By using slide station, flasks can be transferred directly into a viewing station preserving the environmental conditions needed for accurate testing.
  • The delivery gate can be located at the rear or at the right or left center. This allows the unit to be positioned in the desired orientation. Multiple gates are also possible.
  • The STF line gate simplifies integration by avoiding any obstacle in the gate area.
  • The physical dimensions of all STF130 are identical and independent of any Climate Options.
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