The Storex STS Line

Automated Incubators for Robotic Integration

-20°C to 70°C
It is first on the market solar incubator with automated random access plate handling and programmable full spectrum illumination. Like all members of the StoreX series can be equipped with various types of packages, options and a wide selection of useful accessories. For details please refer to Packages, Options and Accessories section of the web page and relevant flyer.
StoreX STS15
The STS line consists of just one incubator type – STS15 with the capacity of 15 MTP plates. The unit has been optimized for optogenetic approaches in mammalian cell culture and for plant (protoplast) and cyanobacteria research. STS15 opens entirely new possibilities in these new scientific domain and boosts processes the field of synthetic biology.
StoreX STS15
Main Features
  • STS15 incorporates latest ultra-bright light-sources. It allows illumination adjustments of the whole spectrum of visible light. Both wavelength and intensity are freely programmable individually.
  • STS15 is designed for integration where the instrument is located on the floor. STS15 incubators have their handling and climate controls on the lower part of the instrument. In the upper compartment there is the complex programmable illumination.
  • The robotic access gate is located on the upper part of the chamber. This configuration optimizes laboratory table space. The unit can easily be put in position without the need of placing the unit on a table.
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